Multimedia-artist working with video, photography and installation, based in Rotterdam.

Multimedia-artist working with video, photography and installation, based in Rotterdam.


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Graduation Project 2023
St. Joost School of Art & Design

My graduation project, with the working title ‘AMBIGUOUS’, is a mixed-media installation consisting of sculpture, text, spatially distributed monitors, projection and publication. The work researches the boundaries of our current definitions of genderidentity through the analysis of our contemporary digital image culture, while rejecting binary understandings of female/male genderconcepts. Online circulating images function as an important contributor to the online representation of offline identities and bodies.

Our relationship with images has drastically changed since the popularization of social media. Photos are no longer considered as unique and scarce as they were a century ago, instead, they have become collectibles, that function as carriers of mass-produced and mass-shared memories, scattered all across the internet.

Unfathomable amounts of digital images roam the internet, some of high value and impeccable visual quality, and others so low in value and visual quality they has lost all recognizability. But all of these images, regardless of their visual worth, once served a purpose before ultimately becoming internet-strays; they form a vast sea of formally and conceptually unique online representations of countless offline identities. The work researches the role and impact of these images and their representative qualities, in relation to the development of contemporary gender identity, while rejecting stereotypical and binary definitions of gender.

The artistic research that is the central nerve system of this work will be designed and bundled as a thesis publication, designed by studio Figure10, consisting of Annegien Schilling and Joanne van der Wal. The publication will be published in the fall of 2023.

Currently in development.

untitled (room no. 1)

Mixed-media sculpture
Firewood, aluminum, PVC, mirror, ceramic tile, rubber piping, wooden pallets.
1,50 x 1,50 x 2,44

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