Multimedia-artist working with video, photography and installation, based in Rotterdam.


I am a visual artist working with mixed-media video installations. In my practice I combine elements of sculpture, video, text, 3D-animation and photography and explore the impact of digital culture on contemporary societal debates, including identity development, gender, consumerism and authorship. The underlying relationship and interactions between humans and images provide the conceptual framework for most of my practice.

I am fascinated with the (im)materiality of off- and online spaces contemporary individuals engage with. I explore and experiment with my installation work, taking inspiration from our relationship to our (non-)physical surrounding and the objects, people or ideas that we interact with within or outside of those spaces. Intermediality and medium-fluidity are important aspects of my practice, as they allow for my work to flexibly change alongside myself, my personal development, and my direct surroundings.

The themes embedded in my artistic practice, though personal, are also extremely universal. In an attempt to remain accessible to a wide audience, my work organically navigates in-between these margins, creating an inclusive, intimate and light-hearted setting. By combining images resonating with digital culture and a layered conceptual narrative I aim to create a personal yet observative setting in which the work is open for the audience’s association and external context.

Noor Boiten holds a Bachelor of Design in Photography, Film & the Digital from the St. Joost School of Art & Design (BR). They are currently living and working in Rotterdam.

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