Multimedia-artist working with video, photography and installation, based in Rotterdam.



Collaborative project with fine artist Luna Bongers.

Tile/File/Vile is a multi-media installation of tiles, plaster, metal grid, photo imprint and videos. The work portrays structures of decay as well as enacting the process of deterioration and documents the manner in which the city tends to deal with different forms of this decay. In doing so, it represents acts of demolition, concealment, and homogenisation within urban space; both physically, socially and digitally. The smooth surface of urban landscape collides with the chaotic undercurrent of virtual space, where anomalies emerge - glitches, errors and imperfections that defy the rigid order of the urban environment. In concealing and controlling the few chaotic expressions stashed away in both urban and digital space, there is no room left for disobedience, obscurity or eccentricity in relation to the norm.

               UNTITLED (I-III)
               Triptich laser-jet phototransfer prints on street bricks


On holiday in Cordoba, Spain in early 2024 I encountered countless nearly identical cracks in a bridge crossing the Rio Guadalquivir river. Small crass stems pressed their way through the cracks in the pavement, tiny signs of life in an otherwise homogenous, smooth and grey surface.

I photographed the cracks and printed them on stolen street bricks, that were destined to form an equally homogenous pavement in the streets of Rotterdam two months later. The work bridges an uncomfortable gap between practicality and unpracticality; the tiles being unusual materials to be placed within a gallery context, while being extremely practical materials for urban construction.

                WE DON’T LIVE IN A VOID
                34 vacuum-sealed rocks 


We don’t live in a void relates to new materialist theory and the concept that everything is entangled and influences each other. Accordingly, decay is something inevitable, as it is the process and result of everything constantly influencing and affecting each other. We don’t live in a void, we are not separate from our surroundings but very much part of it. However, in our current cityscapes decay is being increasingly hidden and diminished and becomes more and more rare and fragile. Vacuum sealing stones is an absurd yet tender act of preservation that signifies preserving and immortalising decay as an inherent aspect of urban life. It is a call against the process of standardisation and smoothing out the city and rather advocates for allowing discrepancies, weirdness, and spontaneity.

Documentation images from Zoetropic Sympoiesis exhibition at WORM, Rotterdam.

© Noor Boiten